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Dine Confidently. The Buffet Dining Experience in the New Normal at the Food Exchange of Novotel Manila Araneta Center

The sweeping changes due to the quarantine experience continues to leave a lasting impact on our daily routine even with the most beloved dining experience of many Filipinos, the buffet. Here's a quick peek at the buffet dining experience at the Food Exchange in this new normal...  The buffet dining experience keeps in step with the times with the latest health and safety protocols in place at the Food Exchange of Novotel Manila Araneta Center . The wide and extensive array of international offerings and all-you-can-eat format, features that made buffet dining a popular option for many diners, can still be enjoyed with the added benefit of your peace of mind. At the Food Exchange, diners can indulge and dine confidently in the new normal and enjoy the various dishes from all 6 interactive cooking stations with no worries. Here's what buffet dining looks like in this new normal at the Food Exchange... To remain relevant, the food service sector had to adapt and evolve in a cont

#ewew tries Unagi Kabayaki from Vfresh

Vfresh is an online supplier of fresh produce, particularly seafood, that I came across recently.  They get their weekly supply from local fishing villages around Selangor.  There was once when I contacted the 'boss' and he so happened to be in Sekinchan sourcing for his weekly supply of fresh seafood. I've  since made my second order from them recently during more of their refreshingly sweet pineapple juice...and received a free MD2 pineapple (surprisingly).  I think it was because I mentioned that one of the pineapples I got from them previously was slightly spoilt at the bottom.  I just wanted him to know (about his produce) and wasn't looking to be given a replacement but appreciated the nice gesture nevertheless. When I made my first order from Vfresh , I got myself some  Unagi Kabayaki  or Japanese Grilled Eel (RM22) to try  too.  When it arrived and I looked at the packaging, I realised they were from Piau Kee , a live and frozen seafood supplier/dis

Add Some Real Pop to Easy Snacking with Corn Pops by Kelly & Co Snacks

 Sweet Corn, Cheese and Barbecue. It's the flavors that lead you to the way of easy snacking... Kelly & Co Snacks brings easy snacking to your home with their best-selling Corn Pops , spicy, sweet and savory bites that's perfect for binge watching and movie nights. Simply open the resealable foil bags and snack away. That's easy snacking.  Packed in resealable bags, each 230g bag of Corn Pops (P 80) by Kelly & Co Snacks is your ticket to easy snacking. In this new normal where dining at home and the rise of the food delivery culture are just some of the emerging consumer habits due to the pandemic, stocking up on tasty bites at home is always a good idea. A few bags of Corn Pops are a great addition to your provisions.  Packed in sealed foil bags to keep your crunchy Corn Pops fresh and safe from the elements, Kelly & Co Snacks adds its own unique spin to snacking with its take on the classic pop corn staple. Perfectly crunchy with the sweet notes of corn, the