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It has been a hectic schedule for me for the past few weeks. With the problem of my Myvi being held in Kuching wharf due to miscommunication with the freight company, my transfer letter being 'sesat' in the mailing process, the fact that my family house in Melaka that has been abandoned since 1999 needs some major renovation and refurbishment and last but not least.. my own house in Alor Gajah that needs some attention too. A lot of $$ involved.

My family house -abandoned since 1999

Syukur that I've made an early reservation (fully paid) for a retreat at Bella Vista Hotel, Langkawi. (with my dearest Emak of course). Or else, I don't think I have the energy, $$ or time to do that.

The view from Mt. MatCincang (Ok.. agreed.. more like 'posing maut' rather than the view)

Try as I may, I did not fully enjoyed the trip (keep thinking bout the status of my car, the house, date for 'lapor diri', the refurbishment process of my mom's house etc etc). Trying to hide the worrisome face from emak, but I know mum always know best. But the trip was a memorable one for me and dearest Emak.

Oh ya, since this is still Friday's Kitchen, I think I still need to post food related 'picha'.

Hehehe... I read that chocolate can improve ones mood and the feeling of well being.. I'm now going to test the report... Do Not Disturb! Nyum-nyum ;)


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