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I was recently introduced to Vfresh (through eatdrinkkl), an online platform where you can order fresh produce and groceries.  So far, I've only ordered once from this online seller (and it certainly won't be the last) since I'm pretty happy with the quality and freshness of their produce.
They're a home-based set-up that was born out of the pandemic (sometime in July 2020) and they operate out of their home in Happy Garden, Old Klang Road.  Seeing that they're fairly near me, I whatsapped them to find out the delivery charges to my place...and it turned out to be only RM5 for a minimum order of RM100. The minimum order amount is certainly doable...and the delivery charges very reasonable too if I may add.
My first order was made before Chinese New Year (CNY) and I concentrated on their pineapple products as I was very eager to try the reputable local MD2 Pineapple @ RM8 per fruit that Vfresh gets from a farm in Ulu Tiram, Johor.  The skin of the pineapple looks a bit different from the usual ones.  I don't ever buy whole pineapples as I've not cut one before (+ it's tedious work) but this one (surprisingly) turned out relatively easy to cut.  Once the skin was removed, the eyes were pretty much removed too as they weren't deep.  I didn't have to make many diagonal cuts to remove the eyes of the pineapple.

Looks like my first attempt at cutting a whole pineapple went pretty! ;D  Taste wise, the pineapple chunks were indeed very juicy and super sweet.  When I say super sweet, I don't mean intolerably sweet but extra sweet for a pineapple which is generally a bit sour and makes you cringe a little when taking a bite (unless you managed to pick the right one)...but this one wasn't so.

If their fresh cut pineapple was already so sedap, I was very excited that the cold pressed Pineapple Juice (350ml) @ RM8 (RM15 for two) would be even better....and it fresh and sweet! ^o^  Even with 100% pure juice with no added sugar, it was still very sweet (as it should be since fruits in juice form is always sweeter than eating cut fruits).  It was really, really drink sparingly if you're afraid of the sugar content.

Do note that the juice bottles come in a frozen state (probably to preserve them at the freshest possible), so do let it stand in the fridge to defrost...and you'll have a juice that's so cold, thirst quenching and refreshing all at the same time.

Their final pineapple product that I wanted to get was the Pineapple Tarts @ RM28 (36 pcs per box).  That was my first intention since CNY was approaching to see if they were any good.
If they were, I wanted to get more boxes to give away as gifts.....and to eat since it's one of my husband's favourite CNY snacks.
The pineapple jam on the tarts were certainly tasty but, unfortunately, that wasn't the case with the pastry/cookie.  It wasn't buttery enough and neither did it taste all that fresh.  It was like eating commercialised cookies that tasted like they were made well ahead of time for sale.
It was a shame really as the pineapple jam was plentiful (judging from the amount that was protruding from the pastry), so I won't be making any repeat orders for this, I'm afraid.  Even so, my mister wallop habis! :D
Besides pineapple products, you can also order seafood like fish, prawns (including mantis prawns), squid, crabs (including king crabs), even cockles, meat (kampung chicken and lamb), kampung eggs, unagi and even ice cream.
I also got myself some salmon fillets and unagi to try.  Wait ah.....I'll show you what I made with them and what I thought about them in another post.

For this post, it's all about the pineapples (or wong lai in Cantonese) or ong lai in Hokkien (prosperity come!) we usher in the Year of the (Metal) least with a little cheer that the reunion dinner is back on with some slight amendments to the CNY SOP much to everyone's relief.

Here's wishing everyone a
Safe CNY & a Happy Reunion

(where possible) with close family members.  Stay vigilant.

P/S: For a little spirits uplifting, that's my lazy, tiny bit of CNY decor! :P

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